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Holyhead Towing was founded in the early 1960s as a subsidiary to Holyhead Boatyard. Starting with one small coastal tug, it quickly developed into an operator of larger coastal and deep sea tugs. Since the early 1990s, the company has focused on shallow-draft multi-purpose tugs and workboats in support of the dredging, oil & gas, and marine civil engineering industries.


As well as using proven vessel types, Holyhead Towing has successfully developed and built its own designs of boats to anticipate the demands of developing markets. As a result, the company now works on large and varied projects world-wide, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Providing charterers with modern, crewed, multi-purpose vessels that are used in support of marine civil engineering and sub-sea projects. The vessels are tough, dependable, shallow-draft or ultra shallow-draft, with a number ice-Classed, to provide world-wide coverage, where it is needed.

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Tel: +44 1407 760111
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Newry Beach Yard
Anglesey LL65 1YB
North Wales